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Rep. O’Malley touts well-rounded budget plan signed into law
RELEASE|July 20, 2022

Responsible state spending plan helps students, families and workers

State Rep. Jack O’Malley today highlighted a signed budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year that will allow for students, families and communities throughout northern Michigan to thrive.

The plan, which O’Malley recently voted to advance through the Legislature, continues to make increased investments in roads, public safety and mental health services. It also works to pay down more long-term debt to provide financial flexibility going forward and prioritizes possible tax relief in the form of unspent dollars.

“Coming out of COVID-19, it’s critical to position the state and our region for success,” said O’Malley, of Lake Ann. “To do that, we need to cultivate strong families and communities while continuing to promote spending that is sustainable and within our means. It’s important that we all came to the table and got this done for workers, families and students. The stakes are too high for kids who have missed out on vital time in the classroom, hard-working small business owners who have struggled to get by and families who are seeing prices go up everywhere they go. We needed to get this done for them and deliver a plan that was going to put them on the road to prosperity.”

Highlights of the signed budget plan include:

Better roads: O’Malley, who chairs the House Transportation Committee, underscored a $6 billion Department of Transportation budget – up from $5.4 billion – that continues Republican efforts to improve roads without additional tax increases. Earlier this year, the Legislature approved a separate $4.7 billion package that will improve roads, water systems and other public infrastructure.

Safer and stronger communities: The budget includes $130 million to support local-level law enforcement and public safety personnel. This includes help for police academies with scholarships and cadet salaries, community policing investments, EMS training, fire department equipment and communications tower upgrades. Revenue sharing to support local community services increases by 6 percent, and a one-time additional $300 million investment will support community and economic development in communities statewide. Mental and behavioral health facilities and programs receive a $625 million boost to improve services for both children and adults across the state.

Boosting workers and local businesses: The plan provides resources for a variety of programs to help Michigan workers and businesses thrive, including community and economic development, job training like the Going PRO Talent Fund, the Pure Michigan campaign that promotes tourism, and other efforts.

The new fiscal year begins Oct. 1.


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