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Rep. Posthumus introduces bill to open hemp industry in Michigan
RELEASE|June 21, 2021

State Rep. Bryan Posthumus introduced a bill last week to amend the Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act to permit the sale of hemp-derived CBD as a dietary supplement or food additive provided state and federal labeling requirements are met. Currently, the Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development does not allow hemp-derived CBD to be sold legally in these forms.

“The 2018 federal legalization of hemp production created new economic opportunities for Michigan farmers,” said Rep. Posthumus. “Despite this legalization, it remains unlawful for hemp to be sold as a consumable product. This legislation provides an opportunity to expand development and protections for farmers and consumers alike as it makes consumable hemp products legal, but also expands protections for consumers and growers.

Hemp can be used for many different products, but the most popular one is for the manufacturing of hemp extract products, like hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). More than 80% of all hemp farming nationwide was dedicated to CBD over the past few years. Opening up demand for hemp extract will also significantly increase the supply of hemp derived textiles and other hemp derived products.

“Hemp products, like the ones we are trying to legalize, are already sold across the state and nation, with little repercussion or regulation,” said Rep. Posthumus. “This injures farmers’ economic prospects and puts consumers at risk of purchasing something that does not meet any sort of regulation standard. With these products being so accessible, there needs to be a safe, legal, and secure way for farmers and consumers to participate in the industry. We have a real chance here to expand opportunities and protections for farmers and consumers. It’s a win-win for the state of Michigan.”

The package includes three other bills. Taken together, the package legalizes the sale of ingestible hemp-derived CBD products while ensuring they comply with state food law and federal requirements and protects growers from liability for false claims made by resellers.

House Bills 5058-61 have been referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform for further consideration.

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